Package 3

Package 3

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Rs. 322.00

Description: AC to DC Adaptor . It provides an output of 12V and 1 Amps. .....

Cable Tie 10 Pc

Rs. 100.00

Description: These are Tie-Ropes with Zips that can be used to hold components at a fixed point. Mostly used with UAVs and Quadcopters. .....


24 torque clutch for perfect screw driving into a variety of materials with different screws sizes Spring loaded slide pack battery system for quick and easy battery change and a more secure fit Reve...

Drill Bit Set

Rs. 250.00

13 pcs High-speed steel drill bit. Uses for Wood, Plastic and Metal Size: 1.5-6.5mm. Color: as shown in the picture || Bit Size Approximate (Diameter x Length): 1.5 x 4mm, 2 x 49mm, 2.5 x 56.7mm, 3 x 60mm, ...