Minebea 16PU-M202 Bipolar Stepper Motor

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This is hybrid bipolar stepper motor capable of giving 0.064(0.65)Nm (kg-cm) of holding torque at 0.6A per winding at 3.75 degree stepping angle. For best performance use A3982 35V, 2A Stepper Motor Driver for Micromouse to drive this motor and Micromouse wheel 4mm Shaft.

Note: These are new motors and may have slight rust on the body.


Technical Specification
Compatible Motor Driver A3982 35V, 2A Stepper Motor Driver for Micromouse
Compatible Wheel Micromouse wheel 4mm Shaft
Holding torque 0.65Kg-cm at 0.6A per winding
Mounting Two 3mm (M3) bolts 49.5mm apart on the corners
Shaft Diameter 5mm
Shaft Length 1.6mm
Stepping Angle 3.75 degrees / step
Winding Resistance 5.5 Ohms
Winding Type Bipolar
Weight 180gms
Width 39mm and total Height: 51.6mm (including shaft length)
Length 56.5mm

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