Seven Segment Display Shield

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Seven  segment  display  (SSD)  is  a  form  of  electronic  display  for  displaying  decimal  numerals that  is  an  alternate  to  the  most  complex  dot  matrix  displays.  These  are  widely  used  in  digital display devices like digital clocks, electronic meters and other electronic devices for displaying numeral  information.  The  SSD  shield  has  four  SSD  multiplexed  to  be  operated  by  4  display selection  pins.  So  it  can  display  numbers  up  to  0000-9999.  This  can  be  used  to  make  digital clock, timer circuits, electric meter reading etc.

To program Seven Segment  Display you need to interface Arduino uno board. Simply connect eight connecting wires, one end at uno with pin number 2 to 9 and other end of wires to Seven Segment Display at CN2 header pins. Then connect four wires to DSP with UNO pin number 10 to 13 and finally connect GND of UNO with GND of Seven Segment Display.

Technical Specifications:

  • Four SSD
  • Internally multiplexed
  • Compatible with Roboduino and all microcontrollers.
  • Easy to interface I/O pins.
Symbol Parameters Values Unit
V Supply Voltage 2 to 6 V
I DC forword current per segmenet 40 mA
Ifp peak forword current segment 160 mA
To Operating Temperature -20 to 100 C
Pps Average power per segment 96 mW


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