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IR  (INFRA-RED)  sensor  is  based  on  LM  358  IC  which  is  an  Operational  amplifier  acting  as  a comparator.  The  comparator  compares  the  analog  voltages  of  potentiometer  and  the  voltage generated by the photodiode. The two voltages are applied on the two terminals of the IC and correspondingly it generates a digital output on the output pin that is indicated by a Red Led.

 The IR sensor is compatible with various microcontroller boards like 8051, Arduino, pic  etc This shield  is  based  on  the  working  of  a  circuit  comprising  op-amp,  an  IR  led  and  photodiode  the output    generate  by  the  sensor  is  due  the  comparator  action  of  the  op-amp  (LM-358).  The  IC compares  the  two  voltages  that  is  generated  by  the  photodiode  and  the  potentiometer.  When the  value  of  voltage  Vd  generated  by  photodiode  is  greater  than  the  voltage  set  on  the potentiometer,   the output s HIGH and vice versa.  


Technical Specifications:
  • 2-12cm range
  • Potentiometer for maximum range setting
  • Can be used to differentiate between black and white (Can be used for line sensing)
  • Onboard LED indication for detection
  • Works on 5V input
  • TTL compatible output
  • LM358 IC (Integrated Circuit) that  acts as a comparator/ ADC (Anlog to Digital Converter) IC which makes it digital sensor.


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