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Big Wheel DC Motor

Rs. 30.00

Description: Best quality grooves Made from harder material Uniform design Best stability Used in various application of robotics .....

BO Wheel 1.0

Rs. 15.00

Description: Uniform perifery Quality material used Compact in size for better performance Best stability Termed in wide application   .....

BO Wheel 2.0

Rs. 40.00

Description: Highly balanced dimension Quality material used Best ground contact with high friction   .....

Jumbo Tractor Wheel

Rs. 119.00

Description: It is type of wheel used in high rpm motor .It is used in heavy chassis design and with strong structure system. .....


Description: It is a big wheel specially designed for DC motors having grip design like that of a tractor's wheel. Diameter : 68m, Width: 40mm .....