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555 Timer IC

Rs. 20.00

555 IC having dip-8 is very popular IC. 555 IC have many different industrial application and is is used to generate a time delay . delay generated by 555 timer is very accurate and we can generate different frequency...

Desolder Wick

Rs. 16.00

Description : This is important item required in desoldering process. DESOL-WICK consists of a Copper Wire Braiding with excellent heat conducting properties. This is coated with a fine layer of so...

Desoldring Pump

Rs. 85.00

Desoldering pump sucks the melted solder wire and then we easlty remove the component from the PCB board. .....


Description: Drill Bits for Hand drill useds in drilling desired holes in a Printed Circuit Board. .....

Hand Drill

Rs. 170.00

Description: This is a manual drill that can be easily used to drill in the PCB circuits whenever desired. .....

Solder Flux

Rs. 42.50

Description: It is a paste that can be used as a flux at time of soldering to avoid metal oxidation. .....

Solder Iron Stand

Rs. 59.00

Description: This is a simple soldering iron stand composed of a heavy-duty metal base and a reinforced spring holder. The base and holder are detachable.This holder should fit most soldering irons, and it’s a gre...

Solder Wire

Rs. 68.00

Description : This is 22 SWG Solder wire for super fine PCB Assembly. The Tin / Lead Proportion is 60/40 It has pre-mixed flux for easy soldering.   .....

Soldering Iron

Rs. 127.00

Soldering rod is first heated and then we melt solder wire to solder the component on PCB board.there are many different type of soldering ror is available like pointed, Micro, flat for different different soldering a...

Soldering Kit

Rs. 268.00

It is the complete kit for soldering and circuit designing. The kit consists of a Soldering Iron, Solder flux, Soldering iron stand and de-soldering flux. Items included in this kit: Soldering Iron I...