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16 Pin IC Base

Rs. 7.20

The 16 pin IC base is an IC bed, where a DIP (Dual-inline-Package) IC of 16 legs can be placed onto the PCB. It is used in PCB for mounting purpose of ICs. Any IC of 16 pins DIP can be mounted onto this IC base. It ca...

555 Timer IC

Rs. 20.00

555 IC having dip-8 is very popular IC. 555 IC have many different industrial application and is is used to generate a time delay . delay generated by 555 timer is very accurate and we can generate different frequency...


Rs. 322.00

Description: AC to DC Adaptor . It provides an output of 12V and 1 Amps. .....

BO Wheel 1.0

Rs. 13.00

Description: Uniform perifery Quality material used Compact in size for better performance Best stability Termed in wide application   .....


Description: Highly balanced dimension Quality material used Best ground contact with high friction   .....


Description: It is used in provideing larger surface area to the wheels present in the robot. With the help of this it increases the stability in the movement of the robot. It is having good grips ...

Clamp BO Motor

Rs. 9.00

Description: Clamp for mounting BO Series Motors .....


With 2.1mm DC Barrel Plug to Alligator Clipsturn any battery pack into a power supply. A high quality molded 2.1mm DC barrel plug is brought out to red (center positive) & black (ring negative) alligator clips...

Desolder Wick

Rs. 16.00

Description : This is important item required in desoldering process. DESOL-WICK consists of a Copper Wire Braiding with excellent heat conducting properties. This is coated with a fine layer of so...

Desoldring Pump

Rs. 85.00

Desoldering pump sucks the melted solder wire and then we easlty remove the component from the PCB board. .....

DPDT Switch Small

Rs. 50.00

Description : This is Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Switch. This switch is commonly used to control direction of DC Motor in hobby robotics. .....


Description: Drill Bits for Hand drill useds in drilling desired holes in a Printed Circuit Board. .....

Hand Drill

Rs. 170.00

Description: This is a manual drill that can be easily used to drill in the PCB circuits whenever desired. .....

Jumbo Tractor Wheel

Rs. 101.00

Description: It is type of wheel used in high rpm motor .It is used in heavy chassis design and with strong structure system. .....

Metal Chassis 2.0

Rs. 127.00

Description: It is a metallic chassis that can act as a base ground for designing a robot. 4 wheels can be connected in a single chassis providing spectacular stabilizability. .....