Quadcopter Complete Set

Quadcopter Complete Set

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Quadcopter Complete Kit (Ready To Fly)

Rs. 30,000.00 Rs. 25,000.00

Quadcopter Complete kit is fully assembled kit provide by our well trained faculties. Quadcopter Kit in India come with everything you need including the Tx-Rx,motors,ESCs and the battery, require no assembly, are ver...

Quadcopter Kit with KK 2.0 Board

Rs. 25,000.00 Rs. 18,750.00

In India many students looking for quadcopter kit with kk 2.0 microcontroller board for designing a quadcopter for their final year project or for hobbiyest. We are offering DIY quadcopter kit  to make quadcopter...

Quadcopter Kit with KK 5.5 Board

Rs. 24,000.00 Rs. 18,000.00

Quadcopter Kit with kk 5.5 microcontroller board offering you the best prototype of quadcopter. Students/Robo-hobbiyest can use this quadcopter as their final year project. This DIY quadcopter kit  includes the c...