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This  is  a  4x4  keypad  matrix  shield  i.e  it  have  16  switches  arranged  in  4  rows  and  4  columns numbered from 0 to F. There are 8 male burg strips for 16 pins that mean 8 pins configuring 16 signals.  This  is  possible  with  the  help  of  multiplexing  technique.  Underneath  each  key  is  a pushbutton,  with  one  end  connected  to  one  row  and  other  end  connected  to  one  column.  So whenever  we press any key then its corresponding row and column pins gets multiplexed and gives a muxed output at one of the 8 male burg strips. This Keypad Matrix Shield is comfortable with microcontroller boards like 8051, Arduino, PIC, AVR, ARM etc. Male burg strips corresponds to rows and columns. These pins can be  output or input for the microcontroller depends on projects. Push button for every number. A single push button directly connected to one row and one column.

Technical Specification:

  • 16 Pin matrix
  • 16 signals can be configured using 8 pins
  • Low cost
  • High performance
  • 4 pin switch
  • Straight burg strips


Technical Specification
Operating Voltage 8gb
No. of Cores 1

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