Tx-Rx Module with Encoder & Decoder

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Description :

TX-RX module with encoder and decoder is a customized module that can easily connect remote control and micro-controller unit or any other output device. TX-RX module is widely used for wireless communication application. TX module shield is placed over DPDT(Double Pole Double Throw) remote control so that data can easily be transferred from remote control TX module to RX module which is connected to micro-controller unit wirelessly or any other output device. One more important note is TX shield includes HT12E encoder IC on transmitter side and RX shield includes HT12D decoder IC on decoder side.

First let’s talk about TX module. To use TX module you need to give 4 bit data input to transfer data,  which  will  be  encoded  first  by  encoder  IC  for  serial  transmission.  Once  both  transmitter and receiver get in synchronization blue led on both side starts glowing .On receiver side 4 bit data which is coming serially from transmitter is first decoded back to 4 bits which are available at D0,D1,D2,D3 and then be used to control any actuators either directly or by microcontroller.  

Technical Specification:

  • 4 data input at transmitter side
  • 4 data output at receiver side
  • 5V-1A operating supply
  • 434MHz frequency
  • 8bit address bus at both TX and RX side


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