Power Distribution Board Quadrotor

Product Code: RS-2228

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Designed in house by the HobbyKing Enginerds, this handy power distribution board has the same foot print as our Multri-rotor control boards and is the ultimate solution for tidy power distribution wiring. Simply use 3.5mm male connectors on your ESCs and plug a battery in. The PCB is Gold plated for optimality efficiency and also features a bling port (aka 2 pin JST size auxiliary power out) Perfect for powering LEDs or any accessory fitted to your Quadcopter.

Technical Specification
Aux output 2 pin JST compatible
Current 4 x 20A Outputs (MAX)
Motor output 4 x 3.5mm Female bullet plug
Power Input XT60 with 12AWG wire
Weight 27.3g (including wires)

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