Digital Microscope

Product Code: RS-ATLKIT004

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Price: Rs. 2,500.00

3 IN 1 digital microscope is a good quality to use in inspection dissection or examination.Plant dissection examination, skin examination, scal examination, textile inspection, etc.It is very easy to use that you simply connect it to a computer through the USB Android Type-c port, the image is projected onto your computer screen by using software that comes with the microscope, rather than looking through an eyepiece. 1000 times HD picture,continuous zoom can be single-handed operation,very convenient Metal material,multi-angle adjustmnet,easy to observe from all anglea without pressure Built-in 8 LED lights,adjustable brightness,uniform light,soft and not dazzling Compatible with USB/Type-C/Micro USB interface output,suitable for computers and current mainstream Android mobile phones

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