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This  Basic  Shield  can  be  interface  with  5V  or  3.3V  logic  microcontroller  boards  like  Arduino, AVR,  PIC,  8051,  ARM  etc.  Basic  Shield  is  very  popular  shield  for  interfacing  of  electronics component with microcontroller like LED’s, variable resistor, Push Button, LDR, buzzer etc.

All components are arranged in a proper manner so that you can use it with your microcontroller to learn basic programming of microcontroller in your projects. This shield helps you how to deal with basic electronics component in your project.

Technical Specifications:

  1.  It contains 8 LEDs (5 mm)
  2. 4 Push Button
  3. 2 Potentiometer (102k)
  4. LDR (light detection resistor)
  5. Buzzer

This  shield  is  comfortable  with  5v  or 3.3VDC  power  supply,  and  easy  to  fix on  board  (chassis).  All  components have separate pin so that you can use them  in  your  projects  per  your  project need. 

Note  –  this  basic  shield  has  been designed  with  Common  anode network, means to glow led you have to  connect LOW logic signal at led pins.       


  • First Connect 5v or 3.3v DC Power Supply to power up Basic Shield.
  • Connect LDR or SW1-SW4 or POT Pin of Basic Shield to your input pins of microcontroller.In case of LEDs connect your LEDs pin with output pins of microcontroller.
  • For  each  component  there  is  pin  on  board,  that  pin  you  can  connect  with  the  pins  of microcontroller as per your requirement.
  • With  the  help  of  this  board  you  can  interface  analog  sensors  (Potentiometer  and  LDR),  or output device like a LED to see your output.


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