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RoboShop offering the best arduino uno starter kit in India. We offers cheapest price with fastest delivery across India.Using this arduino kit students can make more then 20+ projects. We also provide free e-book for arduino Uno by which many projects from basic to advance level can be done with practical hand-on knowledge. This Uno kit is fully programmed kit which helps you to gain knowldege about Arduino UNO microcontroller. 

List of Components:

Components Name Quantity
Robotics Made Easy eBook (CD) 1
Arduino UNO 1
USB Cable 1
Bread Board 1
Basic Shield 1
BO Motor 2
Wheel 2
Screw Driver 1
IR Sensor 2
Motor Shield 1
Ultrasonic Sensor 1
DC Pin with Battery Cap 2
Battery Cap 2
M-M Wire 15
M-F Wire 15
F-F Wire 10
LED 20
Resistor 20
Single Stand Wire 4
Wire Stripper 1
Berg Strip Male 5
Push Button 4
Transistor 358 2
On/Off Switch 1
Pot 2
Buzzer 1
7805 IC 1


You can make following projects by using this kit.

  1. LED on Bread Board
  2. Traffic Light Pattern
  3. LED Blinking
  4. Voltage Regulation by 7805
  5. Different LED Pattern
  6. LED control using switch
  7. Darkness Activation system
  8. Light Activation sysem
  9. LED Fading using Arduino
  10. Mood Changing Lamp
  11. Motor control using L-293D
  12. Motor Speed Control using PWM
  13. LDR based light intensity control
  14. LDR based motor speed control
  15. LED control using Potentiometer
  16. IR Sensor  based LED control
  17. IR Sensor based motor control
  18. Light following LED pattern
  19. Push button and LED on Bread Board
  20. Transistor as a switch
  21. Transistor as a NOT gate
  22. Transistor as a AND gate
  23. Transistor as a OR gate
  24. Transistor as a Touch Switch

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