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Motor driver shield is used to control two DC motor as it has L293D for operation. We need motor driver shield because the microcontroller which we connect to different actuator can only provide 5volt and 10-30mA and motor needs voltage more than 5 volt and minimum 500mA. so we need to have some external hardware that is why we use motor driver shield to control motor operation by 5V logic signal and operating Voltage will be as per motor requirement. Motor driver shield consist of L293D IC which is 16 pin working on H bridge concept that can control motors by switching.

Motor shield is having pins at input side of the IC named as IN1 and IN2 where we connect the microcontroller pin which we have programmed or we provide direct 5V to one of the pin of the IN1 and to another pin as connected to the ground .Now connect the motor (first motor) with the green connector of the motor shield and attach the battery with the help of battery connector or connect the adapter.

Same  connection  procedure  which  explained  earlier  can  be  used  for  IN2  and  operation  of  the second motor. For  RPM  (speed)  control  of  motor  just  connect  microcontroller  pin  at  EN  pins  of  motor  shield and provide analog signal from microcontroller with the help of programming.

Technical Specifications:
This Board is develop by RoboSpecies Techonologies
  • Motor shield is having L293D.
  • It is having a voltage regulator IC 7805.
  • Five VCC and Five GND pins
  • Maximum current it can bear is up to 1A
  • Maximum voltage it can operate is 36 V
  • Minimum current it can operate is 600mA
  • Minimum voltage it can operate 4.5 V.
  • Weight of the shield is approx. 200gm.


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