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This is a High Quality Rigid Frame Work for mounting the control circuits. Chassis Board is the mechanical frame structure of the mobile robots. It is the backbone of the robot. All the control circuitry like Microcon...

Robotic Arm

Rs. 1,275.00

Description : The Robot Arm is an advance Robot in field of Robotics. This Robot gives an idea about Degree of Freedom and Mechanical structure which deals with gears and motor assembly. It gives basic awareness o...

Robotics Made Easy (Paper Back)

Rs. 950.00 Rs. 855.00

Robotics Made Easy book helps you to understand the concepts of Robotics.Build robots for competitions, for industry, or just for fun by using this Robotic book.This Robotics book have a CD inside which helps you to e...

Robotics Made Easy E-Book

Rs. 550.00 Rs. 250.00

Robotics Made Easy book helps you to understand the concepts of Robotics.Build robots for competitions, for industry, or just for fun by using this Robotic book.This Robotics book will help you to enhance your knowled...


Highlights: Designed for age group 8+ It helps in understanding science concepts like mechanics,  laws of physics, etc. Students can design various prototypes like Pick & Place Robot, ...

RobotriX Kids kit

Rs. 5,990.00

Highlights: Designed for age group 6+ It helps in understanding basic mechanics Students can design various prototype of Remote Controlled Robotic Car Comes with an interactive manual with 8 ...


Arduino Starter Kit Unboxing Video  Click Here Highlights:   Designed for age group 12+ It helps in understanding computer based programming  concepts like C,C++. Various pro...


This 3-wire harness can be used to add a toggle switch between any two devices that can be connected with “JR” style servo connectors. One side of the switch has a lead with a female connector, while the other side ha...

Seven Segment

Rs. 4.00

Description : A seven segment display is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative to the more complex dot matrix display. Seven segment diaplays are widely use...

Sharp Sensor

Rs. 756.00

Description: Infrared proximity sensor made by Sharp. Part # GP2Y0A02YK0F has an analog output that varies from 2.8V at 15cm to 0.4V at 150cm with a supply voltage between 4.5 and 5.5VDC. The sensor has a Japanes...

Solar Panel

Rs. 340.00

Description: It is a power device that provides voltage output when kept in the sunlight. Technical Specification: OUTPUT Voltage : 4V .....

Solder Flux

Rs. 42.50

Description: It is a paste that can be used as a flux at time of soldering to avoid metal oxidation. .....

Solder Glove Pair

Rs. 85.00

It is used at the time of soldering. .....

Solder Iron Stand

Rs. 59.00

Description: This is a simple soldering iron stand composed of a heavy-duty metal base and a reinforced spring holder. The base and holder are detachable.This holder should fit most soldering irons, and it’s a gre...

Solder Wire

Rs. 68.00

Description : This is 22 SWG Solder wire for super fine PCB Assembly. The Tin / Lead Proportion is 60/40 It has pre-mixed flux for easy soldering.   .....

Soldering Iron

Rs. 127.00

Soldering rod is first heated and then we melt solder wire to solder the component on PCB board.there are many different type of soldering ror is available like pointed, Micro, flat for different different soldering a...

Soldering Kit

Rs. 268.00

It is the complete kit for soldering and circuit designing. The kit consists of a Soldering Iron, Solder flux, Soldering iron stand and de-soldering flux. Items included in this kit: Soldering Iron I...

Sound Sensor

Rs. 150.00

Size : 32mm*17mm*15mm Main chip:LM393 Working voltage:DC 4-6V Sound Detection Sensor Modulo LM393 for Arduino Digital Output 3Pin Intelligent Vehicle Microphone .....