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8051 development board is based on AT89 family an Intel 8051-compatible family of 8 bit microcontroller (ICs). This development board is basic microcontroller board for quick learning of embedded system. This is ready to use development board, you can design your project with this development board by using input and output pins as per your project requirement. You can use F2F or F2M wires to connect your sensors or Input and Output devices with male connectors that are available on board. This board can be easily power up with 9-12v dc and 1Amp Adaptor or 9v Li-ion Battery.

As  AT89S51  microcontroller  have  4  Port  so  we  can  use  male  connector  to  connect  Input  or Output devices with microcontroller. Example if you want to make pattern then simply there are pins available on board and ready to connect with LEDs. By using no. of LEDs different pattern can be implement on board.

As AT89S51 microcontroller have many features like UART Communication, ISP. MOSI MISO SCK RST VCC and GND as shown in above picture, these pins are also known as ISP pins. On board  there  is  RESET  circuitry  which  can  be  use  in  case  of  restart  microcontroller.  LED2  is available  on board  so that  you  can  test  your  board  by  doing  led blink  program  corresponds  to led  pin  of  controller  (i.e.  P1.0).This  board  is  based  on  the  Intel  8051  core,  the  AT89  family remains  very  popular  as  it  includes  low  cost,  general-purpose  microcontroller  with  industry standard instruction set.

Technical Specification:

  • 32 Input /Output pins are available on board.
  • 4 Ports, each having 8 pins.
  • Port 0 having pull up resistor.
  • 11.0592 MHz on board crystal oscillator.
  • Red Led as power indicator.
  • A reset switch.
  • All ports accessible through Male Header Pins.
  • 1 Push Button as Input Device internally connected with P2.0.
  • 1 LED as Output Device internally connected with P1.0
  • On board Voltage Regulator with filter and it operates on 5V to 12V DC Power Supply.
  • 5 pins to provide GND to external device.
  • 5 pins to provide 5Volt. DC power supply to external device.
  • In circuit diode to protect MCU from reverse current.
  • DC Jack for Input Power Supply.
  • In circuit diode to protect MCU from reverse current.

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