About Us

In a quest to educate young children with a wholesome robotic learning, RoboSpecies has stepped forward to train students about robot building and programming.

Our company has been focusing on the educational space of manual as well as embedded software and robotic Products. By developing an active interest towards them, we aim to lay a strong foundation for the technical development of our country. We are a constant facilitator in the scientific and technical education of students by providing them classroom education, workshops and other resources through wide variety of hardware and robotic kits, software based robot programming tools and web based learning resources.

The manual and embedded systems and robotics products industry requires a vast pool of educated and skilled manpower to sustain its impressive growth rate. The current education system provides limited hands-on experience and exposure to the latest technologies to the students. This is where we felt a major gap existed. Our offerings are multi-layered and spread geographically.

We provide a program based training on actual industry requirements and Robotic Products . RoboSpecies provides exposure to robot programming, enhance problem solving skills and help logic development. Robotics, being a multi-disciplinary field, offers the students an advantage of working on all their favorite technical topics on a common platform. Using a visual programming interface, children can create a robot program by simply connecting pictures in a logical sequence. This helps them to learn the nuances of logic building, programming practices as well as problem solving approaches. RoboSpecies has developed a product, a low cost robotics platform and associated training class that has filled a big need in India.